Vircon Group is currently focused on creating AI & Computer Graphics solutions with a growing team to the numerous high-tech areas including the deep learning applications, property technologies, and healthcare technologies.

Future visions are bounded with the infinite nature of imagination.
Our headquarter is located in Istanbul.
We have established branches in Berlin and Delaware.

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We build products that make businesses better at their most crucial work, understanding themselves and their customers. We transform the way organizations use their data.

We offer an Artificial Intelligence base that can be implemented to any platform like your website, chatbot, twitter account and internal tools. Our sentiment analysis base can understand emotions in any texts and target your specific needs. As a Nvidia AI Program company, we provided solutions to the Government institutions, Media & Entertainment industry, and Banking industry.

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Housepecker is disrupting the online real estate sector with interactive 3D floor plans. Housepecker is a customer insights platform that enables you to access online 3D modeling, Visualising and Understanding customer insights.

HousePecker creates an immersive 3D experience for your customers to explore already or future built projects by giving them the chance of exploring every angle of your customer’s future house. Your customers can design their next home with tons of assets and with this personalization for each potential online customer, we are creating a better perception and brand love for the real estate company. We collect these leads and give you a chance of tracking your Online ROI. With our Artificial Intelligence-assisted visualization platform, we can follow your customers' preferences and redefine their experience.

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We have created a smart delivery room concept and framework for hospitals. We have established our products to Istanbul’s various Birth Hospital in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Governorship of Istanbul. In this concept, we have created a system with graphics google's, EEG probs and 4d sound enabled earphones. Our goal is to create a better birth experience for mothers and their family.

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Startup Law Consultancy Inc. is a law consultancy firm specialized in startups. As of today, with a portfolio more than 120 startups, 30 angel investors, accelerators and venture capitals under the brands of Startup Hukuku and Startup Law Consultancy.

We expertise and serve only startup ecosystem; so that we are capable of serving from start to exit, including but not limited to incorporation in Turkey, USA, UK, Ireland, Israel and Estonia, investment procedures, incorporation of angel investor networks, startup law lectures in MBA programs

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We collaborate with the best in their niche field.

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As a company, we believe in the importance of giving back to the Community. We think innovation is a core element to tackle social and economic problems.

Our areas of focus


Creating richer learning experiences with Vircon Artificial Intelligence Class in Gaziantep Duztepe Elementry School and Startup Hukuku Istanbul Chamber of Industry Scholarship Fund.


Developing and distributing an Artifical Intelligence System with Vodafone which detects sexism in any text.

Healthcare for Women

Decreasing the death rates in delivery rooms and creating a better experience for mothers with Esenler Hospital.

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